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"It's in your nature" - the driving force behind NOBE, a Nordic skincare brand that celebrates the beauty and potency of nature. Our founder, Johanna Rönkkö, with years of experience in distributing top-tier products worldwide, embarked on a new journey to bottle the restorative powers of Nordic nature for urban people.

Johanna's vision for NOBE is deeply rooted in her admiration for Nordic nature and the remarkable healing properties of its ingredients. Aspiring to elevate N-beauty to a global trend, she aims to bring nature closer to urban dwellers through meticulously crafted skincare products. To realize her vision, Johanna collaborated with best-in-class chemists to carefully curate exquisite Nordic blends of soothing oats, cooling xylitol, and rejuvenating forest microbiomes. As a result, NOBE captures the forest's essence, offering urbanites nourishing, protective, and balanced skincare that fosters a bond with nature.

At NOBE, we emphasize upcycling and harnessing side streams to create sustainable, eco-friendly products. We believe that beauty should never jeopardize our planet's well-being and are devoted to developing innovative skincare that benefits both you and the Earth.


Introducing NOBE skincare – a perfect fusion of Nordic nature and urban sophistication. Our inclusive eco-friendly unisex products are proudly powered by years of research and Nordic expertise in pioneering skincare science. We use plant-based antioxidant-rich extracts and cutting-edge Fazer Foodtech ingredients, such as oat xylitol, organic oat oil, and Forest Humus (Re-Connecting Nature™). Formulated with at least 96% natural ingredients, our natural skincare cools, soothes, and hydrates your skin with rich fatty acids, vitamin E, anti-inflammatory and skin-rewilding properties. In turn, giving you nature’s healthy glow and a clear balanced complexion.


"From Nature, Back to Nature"

NOBE is deeply committed to preserving forest biodiversity through collaboration with the Helsinki Foundation. We cultivate a harmonious relationship with nature by aligning our core values with environmental conservation efforts. We contribute to land preservation for each NOBE product sold, ensuring our natural heritage endures for future generations. This partnership guarantees that our products benefit users and promote a sustainable and thriving environment.

By emphasizing authenticity, sustainability, and innovation, we aim to create an experience that transports you to a calm and balanced realm where your skin and soul can flourish. Embrace the beauty of Nordic nature and support our mission to give back to the environment that inspires our skincare


At NOBE, we aspire to connect you with the healing power of the Nordic landscape and its unique ingredients, even amidst the hustle of urban life. Our natural skincare products, expertly crafted in the Nordics, evoke the tranquillity and renewal of untouched forests and invigorating Nordic air. By prioritizing authenticity, sustainability, and innovation, we aim to create an experience that transports you to a calm and balanced realm where your skin and soul can flourish.

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