Fazer Foodtech is a visionary company at the forefront of sustainable innovation, specializing in the development of plant-based ingredients and products that prioritize both people's health and the planet's well-being. As NOBE's trusted partner, Fazer Foodtech supplies skincare ingredients that align with our mutual dedication to quality and sustainability.

Fazer Foodtech's range of performance-enhancing oat ingredients, known as Fazer Oat Functional Ingredients, boasts numerous benefits. By extracting and purifying various components of oats, these ingredients exhibit increased potency when incorporated into final solutions. Consequently, they find applications in nutritious food solutions, sports drinks, and personal care products designed to promote health and well-being.

With their patented upcycling technology, Fazer Foodtech has pioneered the world's first xylitol derived from oats—Fazer Xylitol®—thereby raising the bar for sustainability standards. Fazer Xylitol has long been recognized for its health and wellness benefits in an array of products, and this groundbreaking ingredient is now featured in NOBE's skincare line.

Fazer Foodtech remains steadfast in its commitment to fulfilling future generations' demand for a wider array of plant-based alternatives in daily life. By upcycling materials and prolonging the life and value of their sources, the company can create superior, sustainable ingredients. Furthermore, their collaboration with partners ensures that innovative technologies, such as Fazer Xylitol, leave a substantial impact on the world.

Fazer Foodtech's unwavering dedication to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration makes them an exemplary partner for NOBE. Their plant-based ingredients and commitment to devising solutions for a sustainable planet seamlessly align with our mission to deliver high-quality, eco-conscious skincare products.


Uute Scientific, a pioneering Finnish company, has developed the world's first natural cosmetic ingredient, Re-Connecting Nature®, boasting the microbiome-restoring properties of the Finnish forest. Uute Scientific harnesses the benefits of microbial diversity, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system but is often compromised in our modern urban lifestyles.

The company's innovative ingredient, developed in collaboration with the Universities of Tampere and Helsinki, is a unique forest microbial extract. It replicates the hundreds of species found in Finnish nature without disturbing the forest floor and is made from recyclable or renewable materials. Scientifically proven to restore the skin's natural microbiome balance, Re-Connecting Nature® actively enhances barrier function, accelerates regeneration and repair, reduces redness and irritation, and boosts collagen production.

By incorporating Re-Connecting Nature® into NOBE, we bring the immunity-boosting diversity of Finnish nature to consumers worldwide. This groundbreaking ingredient aligns with the rising demand for "Immunocosmetics," a category focused on health-enhancing beauty products with proven clinical efficacy.

The idea for Uute Scientific was born during a hike in the Finnish forest, where founders Aki and Olli wished to bottle the health benefits of the forest for city dwellers. Their passion for nature and innovative spirit led to Re-Connecting Nature®, which can potentially address the global autoimmune health crisis.

With 75% of its land covered in forests and another 10% in lakes and rivers, Finland boasts some of the world's purest air, water, and soil. This richness in microbial diversity is now accessible through Uute Scientific's world-first ingredient. As NOBE’s partner, Uute Scientific is instrumental in our commitment to offering sophisticated, professional, and easy-to-use products that promote skin health, resilience, comfort, and appearance.


The Helsinki Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to conserving and protecting nature for future generations. Embracing a unique approach to land conservation called "From Nature – Back to Nature," the Foundation collaborates with NOBE to make a difference. For every product sold, NOBE donates to the Helsinki Foundation, contributing to the acquisition of land for preservation.

The Helsinki Foundation's innovative Greenspace Guardian program invites individuals and corporations to participate in their mission by becoming guardians of ecologically significant areas worldwide. These areas are divided into virtual Greenspaces, making it possible for donors to make a substantial difference in conservation efforts.

NOBE's partnership with the Helsinki Foundation demonstrates a shared commitment to a carbon-negative future and the preservation of our planet's natural resources. Together, we empower individuals to contribute directly and economically to conservation initiatives, creating a positive shift in conservation efforts.

With every NOBE product purchased, customers invest in both their skincare and the long-term protection of our planet. This partnership exemplifies NOBE's dedication to sustainability and the promotion of a brighter, greener future.

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