Cooling Care

The COOLING CARE line's refreshing FAZER XYLITOL® moisturizes and strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

The NOBE Cooling Care, Arctic Skincare series' effectiveness is based on FAZER XYLITOL® oat innovation produced by Fazer Foodtech. The cooling effects of the Nordic Arctic climate can be felt on the skin like an ice swim; the products cool, calm, and deeply moisturize the skin while reducing swelling.

NOBE Cooling Care, Arctic Skincare is an ode to ice swimming and the northern cold air's swelling-reducing effects. The series utilizes FAZER XYLITOL® oat xylitol made from Fazer's side streams. The high-quality oat hull-based oat xylitol innovation is unique in the world. Oat xylitol effectively binds moisture to the skin and has a cooling and soothing effect. Oat xylitol is also a prebiotic ingredient that supports the skin's natural microbiome, strengthening the skin's protective barrier. The series' products also contain the Soothing Cooler® complex, made from aloe vera, seaweed, yam, elm root, and pansy extracts, which has a cooling, calming, and deep moisturizing effect. The antioxidant-rich compound also reduces swelling. The compound has been clinically proven to reduce the sensation of heat on the skin and provide a long-lasting cooling effect.

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